Focus on Optical Communication Transmission

1Channel Telephone

1port RJ11

1 Channel Telephone, RJ11 Connector
Telephone to Fiber Transmitter and Receiver

Part Number Description
BT-1PF-T/R 1ch Telephone, single fiber, single mode, FC, 20km
BT-1P1EF-T/R 1ch Telephone,with 1ch Ethernet 10/100M, single fiber, single mode, FC, 20km


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Telephone over Fiber Converter

B&TON Telephone Converter adopts international advanced digital fiber optic technology,multiplex telephone signal can be realized synchronous,distortion-free and high quality transmission in one single fiber. It is without compression, can meet customer’s requirement perfectly. It is with easy installation, no need site debugging. Optical modules and core circuits are with high performance, all fiber and UTP ports meet International Standards, suitable for various working environment, LED indicator can show the working conditions for customer controlling.

* Telephone Port
Encoding and decoding method: PCM/24bit encoder
Signal control: support any signal in band transparently
Communication terminal interface: ordinary telephone, SPC exchange, public telephone line
Connection: point to point, tel to tel hot-line, tel and SPC exchange connection
Connector: RJ11

* Fiber Port
Connector: FC
Fiber type: multimode 62.5/125, 50/125, single mode 9/125
Distance: 0~80KM
Wavelength: 1310/1550nm

* Operating Environment
Working Temperature: -20~+70℃
Storage Temperature: -10~+85℃
Working Humidity: 0~95% no condensing

* Electrical Specification
Power input: AC 100~240V, AC/DC 12~48V (optional)
Power output: DC5V2A
Ripple wave: ≤ 20mw
Noise: ≤ 50mw
Power protection: over voltage and over current protection
Power consumption: ≤ 5W